School Age Program

School- Age Program

Our School-Age program provides a safe and secure transportation to and from area school. After school we offer a clean and friendly environment with plenty of opportunities including
  • After-school snacks, dinner at 5:00pm
  • Time to unwind and relax after a school day
  • Time to complete homework (assistance with Homework if needed)
  • Supervised games and activities
  • Outdoor fun and play
  • Community service projects
  • Flexible programming according to ages, interests, and abilities of the children
  • Summer camp: Fieldtips, Classes, planned activities

Schools Koala Cubs Learning Academy transports to and from

  1. Jensen Elementary
  2. Teague Elementary
  3. Turner Elementary
  4. Matthy’s Elementary
  5. Young Elementary
  6. Pearl Hall Elementary
  7. Turner Elementary
  8. Freeman Elementary
  9. Milstead
  10. Kindrick
Summer School age Program

Summer 2020 information coming soon